Project Experience

Power Plant Projects

 New Plant Construction

Reactor Vessel Head Replacement

Steam Generator Replacements

Other Major Component Replacement

Decommissioning & Disposal

Dry Cask Storage Components

Offshore Wind and Offshore Crude Petroleum Production Support 

Electrical Transmission Line Construction


Substation / Transformers Installation

Steel / Precast Concrete Erection

Heavy Infrastructure — Tunnel, Highway, Bridge, and Water Projects

Heavy Industrial & Commercial Construction


Shut Downs

Offshore/Onshore Wind Projects
  • Onshore/Offshore Wind Turbine Installations  
  • Wind Farm Decommissioning
  • Wind Turbine Maintenance        
  • Blade Repair and Blade Change-outs
  • Turbine Specific Lifting/Support Solutions
  • Onshore/Offshore Heavy Parts Logistics
Expertise in Specialized Offshore Operations
  • Develop & design custom-built equipment to facilitate lifting & handling projects on or offshore
  • Lifting equipment available for use to lift & move risers, derrick towers, thrusters, Blowout Preventers or any large components  
  • Supplying equipment and personnel for raising and lowering heat exchanger tank replacement
  • Lifting and lowering spud cans on jack-up rigs
  • Lifting and lowering thruster assemblies during installation

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